Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:10 Talk to the Animals

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Episode 1:10

Meldwyn is enjoying a Dr. Doolittle moment. His new little squirrel buddy is happily munching the peanuts she’s been given, so fortunately, it isn’t screeching. The fowl in the follicles has settled back in for a nap. Dogs and cats cruise by on the path in front of his perch on the park bench. He’s totally groovin’ on the inter species connections, feeling at one with the world. The only thing that could make him happier in this moment would be to have a Push-me-pull sidle up to him to have it’s forehead petted. Or, maybe that Lucinda Pomeroy from the first floor of his building dressed in leopard skin sitting on his lap feeding him ice cream with her fingers.....

Uhh, where were we.

Oh yes. Meldwyn doesn’t mind as the squirrel, who he’s named Ethel because her bushy eyebrows remind him of his aunt, dives into his backpack. He assumes Ethel is looking for more peanuts and besides, she’s just so darned cute. Of course, that cute thing buys a lot of slack. For instance, it’s how puppies survive peeing on everything and chewing up your most expensive shoes or how vapid news anchors have jobs.

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Tale 1: Our Story So Far...

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