Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:11 Talk to the Animals

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Episode 1:11

Meldwyn’s first thought as Ethel emerges from his backpack bearing both his iPod and the disturbing appearance of an inbred European monarch circa 1600, is that perhaps local park officials should introduce some new breeding stock. To say that Meldwyn is shocked by such a complete and disturbing personality transformation is an understatement. Changes this abrupt are typically seen only in severe instances of bipolar disorder, advanced cases of rabies and in women at a Presidents day sale at the mall.

Ethel gets twitchy and tugs at the ear buds still in the backpack. Though he is very concerned about being bitten and contracting rabies from the demented squirrel, his second thought is, “ if little Jekyll here bails with my iPod, I’ll mount her Hyde on my wall.”

Mind you, Meldwyn is not a materialistic person, he knows he can always buy another device. Nor is he a violent man, but the time and care spent uploading and organizing just the right 60 gigs of music becomes an almost spiritual exercise. The thought of losing the record of his devotion to an infidel, enamored only with the sleek surface of the thing, strikes him as simply wrong. He’s not about to let it go easily.

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