Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:7 The Choice

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Episode 1:7

The choice. The agonizing process in which one is chosen and so many are left behind. Of course there are favorites, some since childhood, others more recently added to the list. They all beckon lustily from the menu plastered on the side of the truck.

But what of the others? Are there some perfectly cold and slurpable treats that rarly get chosen? Overlooked by the masses like Dickensian orphans, do these treats build up a hoarfrost of resentment and self pity, maybe even melting themselves, to end, once and for all, the daily cycle of optimism and bitter dissappointment. Occasionally Meldwyn will take one of these secondary choices. He knows he can’t eat them all but feels the need to reach out and do what he can.

Today is not one of those days. He woke up feeling like nuts on a chocolate covered cone, then, before lunch he began to think about a neopaliton ice cream sandwich. As the day warmed up he began to think about a refreshing fruitsicle. He drifted into a creamy fudgepop mood about 2:00pm. This is a choice that never disappoints. Then of course, the alarm sounded and in a blur he was here at the moment of truth.

He tries not to let the pressure of eleven cranky kids behind him rush his decision but when Kenny gives him the ten second warning, he does an eight second modified pee pee dance and blurts out, “Two fruity pushups please." As the transaction is completed, a warm sense of peace and contentment floods into his whole being and he skips off to the park for his afternoon chill out.

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