Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:12 Into the Woods

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Episode 1:12

With one spastic tug, the earbuds come free from Meldwyn’s backpack and Ethel the demented squirrel leaps from the park bench. She scurries across the grass heading for the woods at the edge of the park, carrying Meldwyns iPod and dragging his headphones on the ground behind her.

How could Meldwyn’s regularly scheduled afternoon outing have gone so wrong? He takes three deep breaths and calmly zips up his backpack. He removes the nest from his hair and bids the displaced bird adieu. Meldwyn calmly walks around the park bench and pauses, watching Ethel climb a tree with his headphones still dragging behind. He decides to follow.

The squirrel perches on a branch near the entrance to the wood and watches Meldwyn approach. As he nears, Ethel bolts deeper into the woods with a high-pitched shriek of mocking laughter. She knows she has home field advantage and is feeling pretty cocky.

Meldwyn turns over several plans in his head as he takes the path into the woods.

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