Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:15 Walking in the Footsteps

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Episode 1:15

Inspired by the holy vibe, Meldwyn is trying to channel the benevolent spirits of Gandhi, Martin Luther King and yea, even Jesus himself, in an effort to reconcile the current situation. He's attempting to change the atmosphere of materialism, greed and animosity towards the ideals of peace, generosity and non violent conflict resolution. Following the examples of these great men, Meldwyn decides to make a unilateral gesture. He opens his back pack and removes the remaining peanuts. There are still a few dozen in the bag, and Meldwyn sets it on the natural stone altar. He steps back and thinks a moment. He then returns to the altar and places two pieces of sugarless gum in shiny foil wrappers—the closest thing to bling he has on him—next to the peanuts. He announces to Karfka that this is his offering of peace. He suggests that this might be considered a good place to start a negotiation for the return of his iPod.

Meldwyn smiles sincerely at the squirrel, then serenely steps back several steps from the altar. He’s feeling the love and unconsciously starts humming “The Age of Aquarius”.

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Tale 1: Our Story So Far...

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