Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:18 An Anxious World Awaits....

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Episode 1:18
Hmm. Meldwyn feels he must do something to contain this furry menace. The question for him now is what to do. Does he follow the Neville Chamberlain model and maybe concede the park, securing the perimeter and hoping to contain the threat within? Or, does he resume negotiations with the despotic squirrel in the hope that an accord might be reached that all sides can live with? Does he go all Nagasaki on Karfka’s ass, torching him and his protective copse of trees, laying waste to this half of the park for decades to come? Or, perhaps he can throw a whole pile of rocks at the little sucker in a shock and awe kind of barrage he’ll never forget, and then, pay all of his friends way more than they’re worth to hang around until he’s completely broke.

Dang, this is hard. None of the options history presents seem to promise a great model for success. No wonder only the country’s most qualified individuals and their cronies are deemed worthy of leading the free world in times of strife. Meldwyn’s not sure he’s really up to the task. "Why can’t I just bail", he asks himself. "It’s a freaking squirrel for God’s sake. How much damage can it really do"? Meldwyn really just wants to go home, have a snack, and get back to work.

He’s contemplating heading home when a young family stroll past him on the path. The parents are talking softly to their adorable toddlers as they walk. They are about 30 feet from Meldwyn, directly under the sqirrels nest when Karfka lets out a blood curdling shriek, followed by a rain of peanuts and debris aimed directly at the family. The children scream in fear and the terrified parents each tuck a child under an arm and bolt past Meldwyn up the path.

Dammit! Now Meldwyn knows he’s got to deal with this. Unfortunately, Karfka the squirrel has a safe haven up among the trees that Meldwyn realizes he can’t easily penetrate without resorting to the nuclear option. The squirrel is also quick and crafty. Think! Man, think!

“Hmmph”, Meldwyn snorts. “No. It’s crazy, it’ll never work”, he mutters to himself. “ Well, maybe I am crazy, but I’ve done the calculations a million times. I think I’ve got a shot.” he replies. “Godspeed, man. It’s all we’ve got”

Meldwyn has settled on a plan lying somewhere between turning the other cheek, and launching a few hundred million dollars worth of hellfire missles. He puts his head down and begins quickly walking back up the path towards the far end of the park.

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Tale 1: Our Story So Far...

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