Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:19 Going For Provisions

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Episode 1:19
If Meldwyn's plan is to succeed he needs to briefly leave the park and secure the proper provisions. As he clears the woods at the far end of the park, he can see his destination.
The Super Foodie Mart has just about anything a shopper might need. Meldwyn has even seen people meet the man or woman of their dreams among the isles, unexpectantly walking in for bananas and walking out with a husband or wife.

Meldwyn usually prefers shopping on Friday nights when he's in need of company without committment after a long week of working alone. He lingers to people watch. All shapes and sizes, colors and persuasions bustle in and out, securing their daily requirements. Fruits and vegetables, mounds of meat and cream-filled ding dongs, booze and trashy gossip rags from the checkout stand, all the real stuff that keeps people going through their daily slog. Meldwyn is going for none of that now, nor is he going for the duct tape, hammers, utility knives or batteries on isle six that might be of use in his effort against his nemisis.

Instead he's headed towards the only source around for the one piece of equiptment he's going to need get the job done. Even if it means dealing with the nicotine contact high he'll get from the cloud of smoke generated by the band of disgruntled clerks and baggers puffing furiously on break just outside the doors.

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