Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:23 Lift and Separate

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Episode 1:23


As the rocket lifts off, Timmy turns into a human pogo stick and screams like a crazed hausfrau who just won a deluxe toaster on the Price Is Right. Lila stands in stunned silence. Meldwyn focuses intensely on flying, the better to avoid scalping departing shoppers with the hurtling rocket

Timmy and Meldwyn’s, and yeah, even Lila’s respective faith in magic and endless possibilities are restored as fast as you can say Wernher von Braun. Of course, it’s early yet. In 15 years Lila will have a mind numbing job, three kids with loaded diapers, and a husband she despises ripping noxious farts and watching wraslin’ on the couch as she cooks up some hamburger helper for the clan. Meanwhile, Timmy’s failure to land the coveted head chicken plucker position down at the processing plant where he works will leave him bitter and confused. But hey, why ruin the buzz for them now. We have lift off!!!


Do not feel badly for Timmy and Lila. After a few decades of scrapping bottom they will find their respective niches in life, finding both success and something resembling happiness. Lila will go on to start a lucrative internet porn empire, beginning with her own blog entitled, stretchmarkedsuburbansluts.com. After twenty years at the chicken processing plant, Timmy will become born again after seeing a vision induced by ingesting a household cleaner in a failed suicide attempt. He will go on to become a three and a half term Senator from the great state of Texas. He will later retire under pressure from the Senate but but go on to start a successful lobbying firm representing clients in the military hardware and sex toy industries with his domestic partner Gunther.

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