Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:20 Sharing the Fun

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Episode 1:20

One of Meldwyn’s favorite activities on slow Friday nights is riding the Super Blast Rocket ride outside the store. For a few quarters he can strap in and fly to worlds beyond. Just like when he was a kid. Now he needs to strap into the rocket for a slightly more challenging mission. A brother and sister are flying to Neptune as he arrives. Meldwyn smiles as he watches them soar.

The scene loses it’s charm however, when the now bickering kids plug a quarter in for their fourth ride and Timmy makes his 27th joke about flying to Uranus. Meldwyn’s getting impatient for his turn and it's looks like he's going to need to get creative to keep these little charmers from killing each other before they get off the ride. He’s in a hurry and really doesn’t have time to deal with their bodies on top of everything else.

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