Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:17 Paging Leni Riefenstahl

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Episode 1:17

Karfka arrives back at his nest in a flash. He immediately retrieves the iPod from the bag and turns it on. He begins alternately chittering excitedly to the screen and loudly mocking Meldwyn in nasty derisive tones. Meldwyn has begun walking back down the path towards the grassy area of the park. He stops and turns back, watching the squirrel rant. Even from 30 feet away, he can see the spittle flying from the crazy little fiend’s mouth.

Roughly translating the rodent’s rant, Meldwyn is gathering that Karfka feels he has finally found the all powerful device that will make him, at last, the Lord of the Forest. And then....

Meldwyn feels like he’s seen this movie before. The wild gestures and agitated verbal spew make him impulsively think that he should call the Czech Republic to warn of an impending invasion. A moment ago, he was ready to walk away. Now, he feels that it’s his moral duty to nip this in the bud before good Americans are forced to get all dirty growing victory gardens in their back yards instead of conveniently driving to McDonalds for their meals. He thinks of young men in the trenches, in back lots all over Hollywood, making the ultimate sacrifice, working for barely more than scale on those gritty propaganda films that we’ll need in order to keep the collective resolve of the country strong. Oh, the humanity! He shudders as he thinks of the responsibility he now bears for all of mankind. He sets his jaw and resolves to to do all he can in his country’s time of need. He also resolves to stop watching old John Wayne movies on cable when he’s falling asleep. They really mess with his head.

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