Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:4 Ready For Action

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Episode 1:4

On this fine afternoon, Meldwyn is happily working on a handful of recalcitrant semiconductors, trying to coax them into a more acceptable level of performance. For the task, he has employed his favorite mallet Mjoollnir. Though the tool is named for Thor's mighty hammer, Meldwyn wields the tool with amazing precision and finesse. One particularly stubborn component refuses to cooperate and is finessed back into a fine dust of the base materials from which it came. This is satisfying in that little boy way that all men need to visit occasionally and also seems to have the effect of persuading the others to fall in line.

Meldwyn’s concentration is broken by the melodic but urgent sounds suddenly emanating from a speaker near his work station. He smiles as the C.A.D.U.S Early Warning System he’s created spurs him into action. His backpack is already packed with a few essentials and sits by the door. He moves efficiently as he grabs the bag, exits and locks the door, then heads down the hall to the elevator.

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Tale 1: Our Story So Far...

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