Tale 1: A Day In The Park
Episode 1:6 Ahh...The Sweet, Sticky Smell of Joy

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Episode 1:6

Lured by syrupy melodies emanating from crackling speakers, the irresistible call of the mother ship triggers primal pavlovian response mechanisms in us all. The siren song induces rapid heart rates and a torrent of drool throughout the neighborhood with the promise of happiness on a stick.

His ears twitch and his nostrils flare slightly as Meldwyn nears his destination. Ahhh...the sweet, sticky smell of joy! Processed sugar in so many cool and refreshing forms. His mind is officially boggled as he takes his usual place at the front of the line and Kenny the driver greets him with a smile.

A line of younger aficionados lucky enough to possess a buck’s worth of change scrounged from under cushions, liberated from coin collections or cajoled from parents or friends, forms behind him.

The pause that refreshes awaits, but alas, the real work lies ahead.

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Tale 1: Our Story So Far...

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